Originating from a successful TU Delft Project, we are a dynamic start-up currently putting the final touches on our pioneering project. With a passion for technology and robotics, we look forward to start more exciting robotics projects in the future. Join us on this journey of innovation and let’s shape the future together!

Automatic Twistlock Handling Solution

In our Robotics minor at the Technical University of Delft, we were asked to make a robot for the automation of twistlock handling in ports. These locks are inserted in corner castings of containers to prevent them from falling off a container ship at sea. For 5 months we worked on this project in the RoboHouse in Delft. We came up with the concept to use multiple robots which could each drive to a corner casting and attach or detach a twistlock autonomously. These robots could be an addition to fully automate a container terminal.