Our Story

Our start-up originated from the Robotics Minor at the Technical University of Delft. The minor consisted of 8 groups of students with different disciplines and skills. Each group eventually had to create a robot for a specific company. Our group had built a working prototype and graduated cum laude. Because our way of thinking was different from that of our competitors in the same field, people in the port became very interested in this project. For this reason, we have grown into an innovative robotics start-up and one of the professional companies of Dubbeldam Holding!

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of eight people. Three mechanical engineers, one aerospace engineer, one industrial design engineer, two software engineers and one machine learning engineer. Together we make innovative robots that can solve concrete problems.

Maurice Verwaal

Mechanical Engineer | Co-founder

"As an engineer at Qafka, I'm passionate about creating machines that make a positive impact. From safety-enhancing robots to efficiency-boosting innovations, every project we undertake is driven by our desire to make a difference."

Stéphanie Cornelis

Industrial Design Engineer | Co-founder

"Designing for Qafka Robotics blends creativity and innovation. Collaborating across disciplines challenges me to explore new possibilities and design fitting solutions. It's an exciting challenge, shaping the future of robotics."

Siddharth Dixit

Aerospace Engineer | Co-Founder

"As an engineer at Qafka, I enjoy working on complex problems by pushing the boundaries of technology. It's exciting to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to design, build, and test robots which have to interact with the real-world. I'm truly passionate about the endless possibilities that robotics offers, and I look forward to continuing our innovative journey to create groundbreaking solutions that make a positive impact on society."

Ton Hoang Nguyen

Software Engineer | Co-founder

"I am thrilled to collaborate on this exciting project with peers who share a similar vision, all aiming to craft new robotic solutions for real-world challenges. Being a part of Qafka allows me the privilege to develop and introduce creative solutions that could expand human knowledge. Moreover, it offers a platform to inspire upcoming engineers to continually challenge themselves."

Mats Kasse

Mechanical Engineer

"I am excited to be a member of Qafka, positioned at the forefront of a technological revolution, where we continually innovate to shape our future."

Alex Xuan Anh Nguyen

Software Engineer

I have over four years of experience in frontend development, specializing in React and working with both small and large companies. My days are spent creating top-notch interfaces, while evenings are dedicated to personal projects fueled by creativity. Passionate about product management, I've engaged with the startup world, applying these insights into my ventures and enjoying the process of bringing projects to life. My interest also lies in robotics, where I aim to blend my frontend expertise with the physical aspects of technology.

Jimeet Oza

Mechanical Engineer

"Being surrounded by people who share similar interests but come from diverse backgrounds is the fastest route to professional growth, and that's exactly what Qafka Robotics offers. It is inspiring to see how Qafka pushes the boundaries of what's possible, driving progress and innovation forward. I am glad to be part of this team and contribute to the technologies of future."

Guðmundur Orri Pálsson

Machine Learning Engineer

"As a machine learning engineer at Qafka Robotics I get the chance to work with a talented group of multidisciplinary people on solving real-world problems using robotics technology. What motivates me about robotics is that it challenges me to think differently about software, since even though my solutions are digital, the application is physical."